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The basic premise: how can someone devote his professional life to an industry he believes is, in Ford's own words, 'profoundly destructive and hence immoral ...another form of rebellion against God.' Ford is a religious Jew, not a cultural one, yet it is cultural Jews - 'non-Jewish Jews,' he calls them - with whom Ford's site is most invested, specifically all those non-Jewish Jews who get it on and buy and sell the getting-it-on in the porn industry.Plus, they get to have sex with all these beautiful blonde women ...Where else are you going to get a succession of shiksas [non-Jewish women] to bed you down?As a result, Ford's site is not really a porn site at all.It's a daily chronicle of how devout Judaism and devout pornology play themselves out in one man's endless public arguments with himself.'""is one of the more lucrative properties on the Web.Internet News cited 'some industry experts' as estimating its worth at 0 million.

Roth, for example, not only published (and often pirated) works by Lawrence, Joyce, Miller and legitimate classics, but also printed and peddled flip books, pornographic playing cards, albums of 'French postcards' and the vulgarities known as 'Tijuana Bibles.' Just to compound matters, during his various stints in prison Roth wrote works like Jews Must Live, a book of rabid anti-Jewish sentiment that Gertzman says still circulates in anti-Semitic circles today ...

Essentially a creation of the Reptilians, their Suppressing sexuality mind control creates the market of porn workers and the customers. Angela was shocked by what she discovered about both the physical and the psychological impact of the work. Its very dangerous to define yourself through the eyes of these men who are buying your body.

Porn produces sexual energy which they feed on (Energy robbing), and the on planet Reptoids can enjoy the market sexually and financially, while destroying the Christ souled non-Luciferian culture.][2010 Jan] How teenage access to pornography is killing intimacy in sex Teenagers have such easy access to hardcore porn that a skewed view of sex is becoming the norm in society and the idea of intimacy is dying...... The first ever porn mag - Playboy Hugh Heffner (Jewish) Famous pornographer who was honored by the ADL with its ridiculous "Torch of Freedom" award. The second ever porno mag Hustler Larry Flint (Jew).

Miss Leonard often refers to herself as "A nice Jewish girl from the Bronx." Lap dancing Peter Stringfellow (Jew) Introduced lap dancing to Britain.

Spearmint Rhino The Starbucks of brothels, Owned by jew john gray.

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