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You can easily check out what events your friends are liking or attending, as well as keep in the know about when your favorite musician or comedian is around.Personal recommendations make it easy to find something to do any day of the week. Meet My Dog (Free) Dog walkers know how easy it is to randomly talk to people while walking their pooch, but Meet My Dog just made it even simpler.

These changes have enabled teen gamers to play games both with others in person (83%) and online (75%).

You can start the conversation via a form of status update giving people an insight into your life, before delving further into things and maybe even making a new friend.

and gameplay are pervasive in the lives of most American teens – and for boys in particular, video games serve as a major venue for the creation and maintenance of friendships.

I've met a lot of REALLLY awesome people on here : P ..

It's exciting, and it keeps me from being bored! I've never found another free chat room with this many cool people. Living in the city I do, it's hard to find something to do, so Teen Chat has saved my life.

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