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In this light , a fatalistic claim of certainty in relation to said alerts in July- August 2018 may have to be read with a pinch of circumscription or restriction while it can be said to be a great guide.""News media world -wide have carried news to say that according to report brought out in early November 2017 , unemployment rate in US has fallen 17 years low, indicating major success attributable to President Donald Trump.

Economic growth in Q3 of 2017 also resisted hindrance by major hurricanes like Harvey , Irma and Maria, and reflected a little above the annual target of 2.5 percent.

About the Author Jessica Townsend lives on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, but has lived on and off in London for a few years.

She was a copywriter for eight years, and in a previous role, was the editor of a children's wildlife magazine for Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo.

While quakes can jolt vulnerable countries or regions at other times , two months of July- August in coming year 2018 have been mentioned by this writer calling for alertness and precautions within human reach."("In the 21st century world nations are looking to india for knowledge guidance and inspiration in all spheres of life.

It is a god send opportunity which all indians should be proud of in this day and age.""Some news media are reported to have alerted saying that Planet X , also known as Nibiru , is likely to strike the Earth on or before 19 November 2017.

When we are not able to sustain smog , can we sustain that which may generate if we use nuclear energy to destroy Planet X and all that the planet may have in it.

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The reckless punk down the block gives him the earth-shattering news that insurance companies and banks will be going broke , panic,riots.There are different perceptions or opinions of readers which include some scientists also , on the effects of such a strike on Earth.While there could be usual major worrisome events in one or other country , this writer does not see any major doom for world involving chunk of nations.Tiny Donnie the flim flam man in his new series "Who's In Ivan's Pocket Now? In the first episode Donnie sought a bail-out,takes a special shower and is forced to do Ivan's laundry.The last is a doozy when Donnie , looking @30 to life in Leavenworth for sanction violations defects to Russia .

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