Updating os x to leopard

Apple announced that Lion would be released exclusively through the Mac App Store for .This is great because the App Store policy allows a single purchase to install on all your Macs, but what if you don’t have broadband access on all your Macs, or what if you just want a bootable installation disc?Not sure when having OS X loaded on a flash drive would come in handy?Here are just a few examples: Now that you’re convinced, let’s figure out how to do this.Well, you can make your own bootable installation DVD.The final release of Mac OS X Lion is said to be a 4GB download.

Upgrading ensures that you get the latest security enhancements.

Keep in mind 10.6 Snow Leopard was used to demonstrate this tutorial, so I’m not sure how much space 10.5, 10.4, and earlier require.

While they should be fine, squeeze those versions of Mac OS X on a 16GB drive at your own risk. Yes, booting to the flash drive will be a tad sluggish, but it’s not meant to be used on a regular basis. DMG file of Leopard that I had (made it earlier) is only 6.7 GB in size. Do you know if you can possibly rent a flash drive from somewhere? My new question is when using an image to transfer on a new computer(Mac of course :), There is no disk utility which is the usual way to transfer an image on to new machine from a working computer. Make a bootable USB flash drive to run & repair Mac OS X. (Applications […] Make a bootable USB flash drive to run & repair Mac OS X …

Some of the complaints regarding Lion being distributed through the App Store are from users who have ISP’s with bandwidth caps, a particularly common scenario for anyone using a cellular connection.

If you’re in this situation, it might be best to download Lion from a public wifi hotspot and then create a boot disk manually using the above method so that you can install it on your other Macs.

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