Gdragon dating

) To be on the good books of a Leo, you have to play along his ego.

There are only two ways of dealing with the ego of a Leo man – you can either stroke it affectionately and win over him or fight it incessantly and perish under it.

However, it is only when you get extremely close to a Leo that these traits would be visible. If you have, you would know that having a little scorched spot here and there is a part of the game.

For rest, if just the thought of being near one makes you wet your pants, get off for you can’t deal with a Leo either.

There is no third alternative to dealing with the ego of a Leo man.

Another trait that is quite prominent in men under this zodiac sign is their high self-esteem and self-pride.

Leads Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung are extraordinarily beautiful to look at in character but their staring at each other doesn’t exactly impress.

Leo men have an utmost need to be loved, cared and treasured by their lover.If, by any chance, you dominate him or overrule his opinion, all the love, chivalry, gallantry, care and warmth would go out of the door and you would be exposed to the Lion inside him.Dealing with a Leo requires you to act tactfully and maturely.He’ll pamper you, caress you, charm you, take care of you and protect you. While dating a Leo man, be prepared to receive lots of gifts, bouquets, love letters and like. With a Leo man around, you cannot cast even a playful look at other men, lest he breaks their head or bangs them down.You would be taken to the most elite of restaurants and places. Leo men are ferocious when deceived and can get extremely unreasonable if they suspect their lovers.

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