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She and my ex broke up, and he and I have actually started talking and rekindling our relationship (I'm single now).However, now the stalking has gotten even more severe.Well, in November 2012, he got into a relationship, as did I.He and I remained friends on Facebook, and occasionally I would like a funny status he posted or whatever.He's constantly shooting down ideas or plans of mine as if he's the one in charge, and I have no say in our future or even our daily schedules.I sent him several links to credible resources regarding controlling and abusive relationships, and tried talking calmly about needing change, but he says that I am taking it out of context, he's not controlling and he would never be abusive.

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I know he loves me and that this is his first real serious relationship. Yours triggered four-alarm sirens, foghorns, flashing lights, the Bat Signal, weird flashing lights on my i Phone, and car alarms on my block.

My boyfriend gets mad at me because I wear heels at work.

He says I am asking for attention if I wear them, and there is no reason I should want to wear them or need to.

She accused me of name-calling and all this crazy nonsense, and said that I needed to grow up and leave her man alone even though once he was in a relationship we stopped talking. Fast-forward to October 2013 and I found out she was stalking me on Twitter and I called her out on it.

She then said, "OMG, my boyfriends ex is stalking me, LOL." Well, ever since then, she's been copying me on Instagram, still stalking me via Twitter, etc.

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