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Whenever asked for your phone number in Germany, whether in person or online, enter this number and know that these folks won’t be able to bother you with calls.0711-50885525 Stuttgart, Germany Since the above number has already made it onto several black lists, you can also use one of these two alternative numbers, both situated in Stuttgart, Germany.0711-508855241 0711-508855242We have tested all numbers listed above and found them working (or not in the case of Fake Number) as described.

Nevertheless, please test the number you intend on using before you hand it out.

You can preview Frank’s message here; it’s German of course.

The main objective of this German number is to deter telemarketers and the likes.

for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault by providing free, confidential services in a safe, caring environment; striving to raise awareness through community education and outreach.

Our support, counseling and advocacy restores hope and helps people reclaim their lives.

For each country, you can choose from several numbers.

We’ve picked one number for each country otherwise missing from this article.

Do you know of any other fake or prank numbers, especially from countries not listed above?

Not many services offer international fake phone numbers.

Fake covers the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Hungary, and Ireland.

But do you really want to go through the hassle of being upfront?

Whatever your concerns, don’t part with your real contact details!

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