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The Victorian VET Student Statistical Collection Guidelines and Validation Supplement contain all of the information you need to know about the statistical collection.

These documents are essential to understanding the content, definitions and formal requirements of the collection.

Guidelines provide information and guidance to providers of Vocational Education and Training (VET) including eligible community-based providers about Higher Education and Skills' Group statistical submission requirements for 2018.

These guidelines support the AVETMISS 8.0 changes and are to be implemented for the 2018 collection year.

The Webster Dictionary defines, Epergne as, A ornamental stand, usually made of glass or silver, holding, vase shaped dishes, trumpets or trays,used as a decorative centerpiece for serving sweetmeats,fruit,cakes,candy or flowers.

This is a pretty clear picture of what an Epergne is. "what's that thing." The easy answer is ," a flower vase." What ever the defination, whatever you call them, they are very Victorian.

This excel file format now replaces the Validation Supplement word document which was published in previous years.

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Fruit, candy, holiday decorations and other objects ,can be used along with flowers. I have done this, arranged them with flowers and pictured them in this blog.

A lot of people say to me, what if you do not have an Epergne, or can not afford to buy one? One can even go a step past that and set the 3 stem glasses in a flat dish and finish the entire Epergne look.

I went out into the garden last night and picked a small hand full of garden flowers. I did all the arrangements in this Blog Post from that hand full of flowers. I will leave the lights on and if you call ahead, I will fill up a few Epergnes with garden flowers.

Although the word in French can also mean,"spare" , another way of saying, to save. But, the name has stuck, and it stands to this day.

The original Epergne, was used to hold any type of food or desert.

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