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A statement from Telus on Monday afternoon said the company expected the promotion would be popular "but demand far exceeded our expectations", on one of the busiest weekends of the year."We are very sorry for the longer wait times that customers experienced over the weekend and are grateful for their patience.We are continuing to make real-time adjustments to minimize wait times before these great offers expire at the end of the day tomorrow," the email statement said.The first Jews came to Australia as convicts transported to Botany Bay in 1788 aboard the First Fleet that established the first European settlement on the continent, on the site of present-day Sydney.(An answer to the question on the census was optional.) The majority are Ashkenazi Jews, many of them refugees and Holocaust survivors who arrived during and after World War II, and their descendants.The Australian Jewish Historical Society Journal (started 1939) appears twice a year, published in Sydney and Melbourne respectively.There are also a number of published monographs on aspects of Australian Jewish history, for a guide to which (as well as to Australian Jewish literature) Serge Liberman, A Bibliography of Australasian Judaica, 1788-2008 (2011) is a distinguished reference work.Either way, there is help available and you do not need to deal with it alone and in isolation.On GYE you can join our free 45-minute weekly SSA phone calls and visit the SSA GYE forum.

She had considered giving up and trying Rogers, which her husband uses, but learned from a friend that the offers might expire sooner than anticipated."It was around dinner time, so I decided to give it one last call ... Rogers issued a media statement that said, in most cases, the weekend promotional offer would expire for new customers on Monday but would be honoured for existing customers until Tuesday.The exception, it said, would be a Fido bring-your-own-phone offer that would go until end of day Tuesday in Ontario.At first, the Church of England was the established religion in the colony, and during the early years of transportation all convicts were required to attend Anglican services on Sundays. Similarly, education in the new settlement was Anglican church-controlled until the 1840s. William Cowper allotted land for the establishment of a Jewish cemetery in the right-hand corner of the then-Christian cemetery.The Jewish section was created to enable the burial of one Joel Joseph. Cohen having offered the use of his house for the purpose, divine worship was performed for the first time in the colony according to the Hebrew form, and was continued regularly every Sabbath and holiday. In this condition everything in connection with their religion remained until the arrival of Rev. He had been a dayyan, and, duly accredited, he succeeded in instilling into the minds of the congregation a taste for the religion of their fathers.

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