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What is fascinating about these guys is two-fold: one, how closely their stories match, and two, that Internet porn has become such a part of their lives that they didn’t realise that they had a problem until they discovered No Fap and the work of Gary Wilson.Reddit user m1610, found his entire social and academic life falling to pieces.I got average grades in school but managed to get a place at a pretty good university.I’ve just finished my final year and really I’m so grateful with both the fact I got into a good university despite my laziness and that I’ve sorted myself out before working towards my final grade.”Meanwhile, Teambold found that he “was generally lacking confidence, for two reasons that I am aware of: not approaching many women because porn was easier, and the fact that guys in those scenes are huge and I’m an average Joe.”For Anon22, meanwhile, social interaction seems as though it was something of a nightmare: “It made me very insecure and I felt very disconnected from my body and soul. Everything I said or did was held back and altered by me before I let it out, and because of this I don’t think many people enjoyed socializing with me.It’s quite odd how an addiction that requires the use of a particular part of the body should result in that appendage being unable to perform when the time arises.You’re not alone in noticing this but sadly ED is a widespread issue and one of the most concerning aspects of the whole Internet porn addiction phenomenon.We should consider the symptoms and compare them to those that we know of from other addictions; the similarities are shocking.You’re unlikely to start stealing to fund your porn habit, but just as drug users need increasingly larger doses and alcoholics find their intake rockets over time, so porn addicts struggle to gain gratification without a new supply of fresh, and sometimes weirder, material.

It worried me, but until I found No Fap I had always assumed that once it really mattered (with a real live girl) I would be hard as a rock and ready to rampage.It isn’t as if addicts have been completely unaware that there was something about their behaviour that wasn’t quite right.In the past, before Wilson’s work became better known, some might have spent some time visiting a doctor to try and get to the bottom of the problem.Watching adult movies and enjoying salacious images can often be a pastime engaged in by couples, but with the proliferation of porn on the Internet addiction has spiralled simply because it is so easy to access.Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones — the way in which addicts can get their fix have become increasingly portable over the years.

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