Birthday gifts for guys you just started dating

Gift giving can be a prickly thing to navigate when you've only recently started dating someone.

You don't want to go too big, as it might make her feel uncomfortable (not to mention put too much pressure on a burgeoning relationship).

And not just “any someone,” but a person you think might turn out to be the romantic partner you’ve been looking for?

The key word here is “might.” After only a few promising dates, it is still too soon to tell.

Once again, ‘tis the season for your annual quest to find the perfect Christmas gift for important people in your life.

At the best of times, gift-giving can be a strange and stressful mixture of obligation and a genuine desire to show appreciation for the relationship.

trilogy will teach you how to be the woman that men pursue for a serious relationship.

If you’re dating a foodie/culinary enthusiast: Onion action goggles.

If you’re dating a gloveless guy: smart, warm leather gloves. ) If you’re dating an enviromentalist: a fruit powered clock If you’re dating a class clown/comedian: Book of Bunny Suicides.

You want to choose a gift that simply says “I was thinking of you,” not “I was imagining our future life together.” 3. It is equally important to avoid letting the pendulum swing too far the other way, with a commonplace gift that has no meaning at all. Keep it simple and lighthearted—and enjoy another reason to celebrate.

Now is your chance to have some fun and get to know your prospective partner better, to discover what he or she truly enjoys and values.

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