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It’s a miracle no one accidentally puts someone’s foot in someone else’s mouth or knocks heads while lunging at the same penis.

But it’s also strange, to me at least, to have sex with someone with whom you’ve had less of an interaction than the person who stands next to you on the tube.

” But after about an hour, I’m so desensitised to what’s happening around me that I start discussing Brexit with Saheed—and I don’t even look up when a guy starts fucking a woman from behind against the armrest of the sofa. Amira suggests heading out to a few nightclubs, so we drive to some places in Saheed’s Lamborghini, which features LED lights and gull-wing doors.

“So, what do you think the economic ramifications will be? At some point, Nicole makes out with Amira and I make out a bit with Saheed and then Amira unfurls his semi-flaccid penis through the zipper of his pants and half-heartedly sucks on it. I fall asleep from a mixture of jet lag, champagne, and boredom. I don’t regret going to the KK party, but I also don’t particularly want to go again, though I can certainly see it’s appeal, not least of all because about an hour before we leave, I spot a couple having what appears to be an amazing time.

She said KK isn’t necessarily looking for “supermodel qualities,” but instead people with “more the right lust for life and attractive looking people who obviously take care of themselves.” Roughly 20 to 30% of applicants are rejected, according to Sayle.

“It's obviously hard to know if people are lying and everyone takes a good photo so there's always a few people that slip through vetting who shouldn't,” she said, though everyone I saw at the party certainly fit the description of a conventionally attractive, successful 20 or 30-something.

The day before the party, I receive an email listing the address of the party, along with the rules, in bold: Men must not approach women Men must not enter the playroom solo or linger alone Men must wait to be invited Treat everyone with respect No means no No phones or photography No Mask, No Entry No gossiping What happens at KK stays at KKThe fact that men can only enter the party if they are with a woman also distinguishes KK from other sex parties, and it’s part of Emma’s vision for creating an environment that’s oriented around female pleasure and empowerment.

“I wanted to create a safe environment for women to explore their sexuality and be the ones in control, not like the other sex parties out there which are run by men,” she said.

When that couple leaves another pair takes their place, and again a hand reaches out and slaps her ass, or the woman leans over and kisses her or sits on her face and starts grinding away.“It is a feminist club in that it's all about the girls having the power to control their vagina and decide how far they want to go.”The doors open at 9 pm, and guests arrive in masks, fully dressed—most of the women come in gorgeous, glittering dresses; the men wear suits or tuxedos.Mobile phones, which are strictly prohibited (along with any photography), are left at the entrance as guests head to the basement, a sparsely decorated lounge lit only by long candles in gilded holders that cast dramatic shadows onto the white walls.I try to do the math but the number of heads and legs never really match up. As Nicole and I, as well as our new couple friends Amira and Saheed*, ascend a spiral staircase, we hear music that has a steady beat but no melody coming from the main room.I figure it must be past 11 (without my phone I really don’t know and there are no clocks to speak of), so with a sigh of relief, I remove my mask and my dress, revealing the lingerie that I’m so excited to wear: a black bodice with white bows on the garter belt, along with lace thigh-high stockings. This is the room where everyone is fucking—where a T-shaped couch serves as a sexual assembly line. It seems like once you get on the couch you tacitly agree to a sexual free for all.

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