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This is an excellent resource for new and existing operators and can really give you an insight into becoming an Operator with Live Lines UK. Ensure you have read the correct information pack: Adult Chat or Tarot & Psychic Chat If you agree to all of the terms please complete the application form on the following page.We ask you to electronically sign the contract; however this can be done on any PC, tablet or smart phone.xxxxx Hiya I was thinking about doing the same thing, I am a single mum to three children and it would be ideal for me as it would fit around the children.I just wondered if any of you applied for any and did any work.This is a perfect option for Operators without landline phones, who still want to earn money!Due to the costs of us sending calls to your mobile phone, we pay Operators that use their mobiles 2p per minute less than operators that use their landline.You set your own charge per minute, the company takes a percentage and you take the rest.

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The automated training takes around 30 minutes to complete and you have 2 days to complete it.Please see the normal rates in the above handbooks and deduct 2p per minute to see your pay rates whilst using a mobile to receive calls.This is a great option for Operators that would like more privacy and for Operators who work away or have to travel frequently.You can still apply if you live outside of the above countries.All you need is a good internet connect and either a smart phone, a laptop or a computer.

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