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The idea behind the shoot was that this young woman had misbehaved in some sort of way and her stepfather had called the neighbours round to witness her punishment. I assumed she’d be terrified as she was about to be “dealt with most severely”, as Peter would say; she didn’t bat an eyelid, but I was absolutely mesmerised!

Of course once you’ve done a few shoots you become a bit blasé about it, but this was my first experience.

I hadn’t heard of it at the time, but what he said made my eyes light up.

He said it involved working with delightfully pretty girls who aren’t always fully dressed, you get paid in cash on the day and it’s not terribly hard work.

They obviously needed to see the candidates first, and I met this towering man who introduced himself as the photo editor, this was Vic Barnes, and Peter French who was the editor. Peter was a Fleet Street man, he’d worked in newspapers and was very interested in the fact that I was actually a writer and had books published.

After I’d done the first shoot he asked me if I’d like to have a go at writing a photo story.

Not a lot of people know that Stephen Sims, a successful published author under another name, wrote photo stories and other fiction for well over 100 issues of Janus!

He also starred as Roger Storing (below) and Royston Arnold in numerous photo shoots and went on to edit Privilege Plus and Privilege Club. Perhaps we can start by talking about how you came to be involved with Janus…

They were both perfectionists, but the relationship worked.This time you were playing Hillary Hanbury-Boyce’s cousin Royston Arnold (below).SS: Yes, St John (who was editor of Janus at the time) and I did this one at the Greenwich house.After that first one I wrote every photo story until well into the hundreds, maybe as high as Janus 161.JR: I didn’t know that – you appeared in Janus 161 as well.

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