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For the ancient Greeks, Delphi was quite literally the center of the world.According to Greek mythology, Zeus released two eagles from opposite ends of the earth and they met in the sky above Delphi.The 6th century BC saw the political rise of Delphi and the reorganization of the Pythian Games, ushering in a golden age that lasted until the arrival of the Romans in 191 BC.Numerous treasuries were built in the Sanctuary of Apollo to house votive offerings of grateful pilgrims.TMZ reports that the exes have also reached an agreement regarding custody of their kids Ayden, 7, and Dylan, 4.The exes will share legal custody while Parks will maintain primary physical custody.Impaling one another with their beaks, they fell to the ground on the very center of the world.The site was marked by the Omphalos, or "navel" stone, a Roman copy of which can be seen in the Delphi Museum.

After the inquirer made a sacrifice, a priestess uttered cryptic pronouncements which were then translated by a priest (see "The Oracle," below, for more details).Archaeological excavations began in earnest around 1900, and exciting new studies of the site and its geology were carried out in the late 1990s (see "The Oracle," below).Delphi was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987.The best known was a great chariot race, held in the stadium that can still be seen at Delphi.The winners of the Pythian Games received a laurel wreath from the city of Tempe in Thessaly, where Apollo was said to have picked a laurel on his way to Delphi.

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