Best dating advice ever

This may have left me emotionally distant, but on the other hand I was never bullied.

Before I left school she gave me a good luck card for my exams that said: “You can only do your best, but DO it!

Yes, to give advice is clearly one of the greatest pleasures in life, so why, then, do so few people ask for it and an even fewer number actually take it?

We can all recognise the wisdom in really good advice but when we are hunched, sobbing on the bed, very little really helps.

Composing the letter will probably have been the most helpful part and they will have decided on a course of action long before I respond with a lovingly composed epistle.

The modern world means that to even approach a computer results in a tsunami of memes telling you to be strong, or kind, or explaining why friends are like your knicker drawer.

” At the time it sounded slightly threatening, but now I realise it was just an Irish mother’s version of “Be the best you can be!

” It doesn’t matter where the words of wisdom come from, we carry them with us like a talisman.

Telling a friend what’s wrong gives the problem a solid form that one can cope with.

Leaving things unexpressed means that a worry can transform into a damp grey blanket of gloom that will envelop your whole life.

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