Consolidating federal student loans wells fargo

You’re not able to consolidate federal student loans by taking out a Wells Fargo personal loan.Wells Fargo student loans have a number of advantages, each tailored to the type of education you’re pursuing.

On federal loans, consolidation gives you access to longer term repayment plans, which was the main reason people like me who borrowed a long time ago used to get them, but that reasoning is less important now with IBR.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you’ll need to provide the following to apply: Whether you’re looking for a loan to pay tuition for your undergraduate degree, or just trying to get all of your student debt in one place, Wells Fargo may be able to help.

Before you apply, be sure to weigh all of your student loan options.

Hello Heather, Thank you so much for the helpful presentation last week, I learned a lot!

And thanks for taking the time to answer questions on this forum. I have 2 private loans (though Citi and Wells Fargo) and the rest are Federal loans (Grad Plus, Stafford).

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