American man dating indian women

All in all, I recommend that western men check out India and other countries in Asia, and see how they like the culture.

I think you will find that they are very relaxing and stress-free places compared to the West.

So, I recommend that you AVOID Indian women in the West and try to meet Indian women who live in India. Well, I don't recommend that you go to India simply for this purpose. In India, they also have marriage ads in the newspapers,but I personally have too much dignity for that.(Editor's Note: Preferably Western men will find mates among women of the same background who are still in touch with their feminine instincts.The litmus test is that they are willing to cede leadership to their husband, who naturally consults them, but has the final word.There was a flood, and a young woman was being swept away by the flood waters, and a bunch of men stood by and did not try to save her, but instead filmed her drowning on their mobile phones.My wife cooks daily, cleans the house, and she never thinks that these tasks are "below her".

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