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I'm one of those women who don't enjoy sexual intercourse. I endured it as long as possible then I lost control and had an orgasm. I also remembered he walked with a limp after that, a limp he never got over. "Lick the little man in the boat." I placed the tip of my tongue on the nubbin of flesh and licked it.My husband Sam is a driver for one of the big long haul trucking firms. When he gets home, I act the good wife and let him screw me. It was different from the ones I infrequently give myself. I let out a little cry and twisted from side to side as Mabel kept up her efforts until I slowly came down from the high. I scooted down the bed and on Mabel's instructions I wedged the pillow under her butt. I tried not to think about the feminine aromas that entered my nostrils.The situations are unpleasant, painful, or bizarre, sometimes all of the above. Adults Only Literature The text in this story contains erotic material and is expressly written for adults only. Ed was standing behind Ron slowly rubbing the front of his trousers. Later I realized that Ron was a pretty clever bastard.If you are an underage minor or offended by such material -or- if viewing this file is illegal in your locality, then leave, close or delete this file-story now. I wasn't going to get out of that room without being raped and I didn't think I could handle being assaulted. He did a good job of raping my mind as well as my body.

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"The casino sold the ,000 marker for twenty percent to this bunch of thugs, AAA Debt Retrieval Services. He was the leader of the local chapter of Gamblers Anonymous. I told myself that I would give gambling one last shot. That's the kind of stupid logic that people with a gambling problem like me come up with. He was comparing it to a piece of paper he had in his hand. When I glanced down I understood why the water had felt so cold. From the way she was breathing I could tell she was getting turned on."Mary's in her fantasy world," said Ron in a quiet voice. "Yeah, check the oil in her transmission," added Ed. I pushed the thought of what was going to happen to me out of my mind. The thought occurred to me that they were forcing me to acknowledge that I was available to the three of them. "Did you know we were going to fuck you when we grabbed you, Mary? "I'm glad you're fucking me instead of breaking my legs," I said in answer to Ron's mind game. It is better to be fucked than have someone break your legs with a length of pipe. I'd be walking in a cast for weeks if they broke my legs. "Ron, you know a lot about how the female mind works," said Ed. See how she's got Mary to open her asshole so she can tongue fuck it," said Ron. "I like to eat ass myself before I fuck it." Mabel pushed the tip of her finger in my ass and returned her mouth to my vagina and clit. When I was little, one of the neighbor's boys had a bike accident and broke his leg."She's a Cosmo girl." "Lesbo sex makes my dick hard," said Ed. I'd never been involved with group sex or even came close to it. "Ed, did you ever see a woman who needs a good fucking more than our Mary? "Mary, how does it feel having a tongue in your ass? A finger on her other hand went into my vagina, hooked upward and found a sensitive spot. I remember seeing the jagged tip of the white bone sticking through the side of his leg."Mabel's here because I said so, you don't like it, get the fuck out," said someone from the front seat. I glanced toward the door but Ed was between it and me. "Pull her teeth," said Ed reaching into his bag to extract a pair of dental pliers. "And the fantasy lives on, Mary hasn't got a choice so she must allow herself to be raped."Ron, I'm just saying we got a job to do and we don't need her," said Ed. My head was still in Mabel's lap and my legs were across Ed's knees. " "Please don't rape me." My mind was turning over possibilities and each one was getting worse. I once read in my wife's Cosmopolitan that rape was the number one fantasy of women. The lovely Mary faced with horrible possibilities reluctantly chooses the only path open to her.

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