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They can never understand it unless they’ve been in your shoes.So you feel isolated and sometimes even ostracized.I hope that the following survey results and commentary will help you better understand the needs of the singles, and with that knowledge, create more effective singles programs in your area.The survey was posted in various LDS-oriented Facebook Groups such as, “LDS Midsingles of the World,” plus on several wards’ email lists. The answers are a bit skewed due to the large number of singles that responded, but that only helps provide a greater insight into the challenges of the singles.With the new age requirements for missions I feel that the age number will decrease for women.

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The responses from the singles clearly indicate that they do all hope to be married someday, and very few have ever postponed marriage. In your personal experience, do you find this to be true within the Mormon culture?

It’s easy for those who do not marry young to keep looking for what they think is the “perfect spouse”.

If, for example, you’ve already waited til your mid-to late twenties because you couldn’t find the right person, you’re more likely to pass up opportunities to build a life with someone who is good, but not perfect.

The greatest challenge is finding peers to date i.e.

with each passing year the number of active LDS singles shrinks causing me to broaden my definition of peers until it’s more of a support group than a dating pool. They need some instruction in how to date women, and a shot of courage to do so.

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