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A CPL (if issued) is valid for five (5) years from the date of issue.

Once the permit is approved it will be mailed directly to you. If you are applying for a new CPL, you may pick up an application at the Renton Police Department anytime of the day or night. You may schedule your fingerprint appointment at the same time you pick up an application (see times listed above).

The Call Receiver and Dispatcher work simultaneously to avoid any delay in sending the help you need!

And remember: Stay on the phone until the dispatcher tells you to hang up! Too many times people hang up the phone before the Dispatcher has all the information, and valuable time is wasted when they have to call the person back!

They may initiate a "speed survey" of the area and determine if there is indeed a problem.

You can also complete a Traffic Request Form online to advise the Traffic Division of the issue.

(Call Receivers will need to confirm the information because it is not always accurate.) If you call from a cellular phone, you may need to provide your location and telephone number because that information may not be available.

The Call Receiver will then enter the information into a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and the Dispatcher will then send the appropriate emergency units.

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They will make an appointment with you to conduct a free residential or commercial security survey of your property.

(425) 430-7521 or 430-7520 Contact the Traffic Division of the Renton Police Department (425-430-7556) during business hours or email them.

Washington State Law regulates who may receive copies of cases.

In some instances, your copy may be edited to withhold certain information pending disposition of the case or for other reasons. Make sure somebody takes a picture of it (either you or the police), and then paint over it!

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