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It can lead to surprise and disappointment if it’s a prelude to sex. Salamon, a senior psychologist and director of Adult Development Center Psychological Services in New York City, has seen this unfold in his clinical experience.For example, Masini said, “lighting and weight gain create sext images that aren’t the same as in person images.”A person who sexts doesn’t necessarily translate as being good in bed. “It can be a letdown when a partner continuously says they are going to do stuff but never follow through,” Fuller said. “The worst disappointment I have heard regarding actual sex following sexting from several people is ‘I thought that she would be wilder in bed.After all, she had some really hot pics.’” , researchers found two-thirds of women who were either married or single looking for noncommittal flirtation and hookups online, send sexually explicit texts of photos via phone or email.This is most likely due to the imbalance of photo sexts, meaning men may be more receptive and aroused by close-up body shots than women are. But why is it that men have the impulsivity to sext their junk to “turn on” a woman?However uncomfortable it is for some tied down partners, for singletons, sending racy photos and messages can actually be a healthy form of flirtation, foreplay, or a way to meet a partner’s needs while boosting intimacy. Fran Walfish, Beverly Hills psychotherapist, author, and expert panelist on the upcoming February premiere of WE TV’s believes sexting can be a useful and healthy part of the seduction process if you’re in an established relationship with this other person.It’s OK to sext “if you are involved in a relationship that’s already passed the honeymoon period (the first three to six months), and you have verbally communicated with your partner and established a commitment to monogamy and to each other,” Walfish told .Sexting is the equivalent of dirty talk without having to hear yourself say things that can make you feel uncomfortable, or the awkward feeling of fumbling over your words.“It gives a person the time to think up just before hitting the send button.It may take you 15 minutes to write that three-line sext, but you will seem as smooth as James Bond,” Cassie Fuller, sex, intimacy, and kink educator, told It's the comfort of hiding behind a device, creating a virtual persona, that makes it so easy to play the game.

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The sexters should make sure their relationship has a foundation of communication, both partners are clear on the commitment, and that they have a healthy relationship outside of sexting.

But before we choose to engage in this form of digital foreplay, it's important to understand everything that comes with hitting .

Fun and flirty sexting initially provides a non-threatening space where people can check each other out without risking the shame or embarrassment that may occur during face-to-face interaction.

Those who reported engaging in requisexting feared abandonment or alienation from their partners.

This can be challenging for insecure lovers who might use sexting to feel closer.

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