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(Well, she actually had an older actress portray her first, before appearing as her 8-year-old self.)"She uses magic, you use botox," Simon teased Amanda., Simon was asked to rate his fellow judges' performances on tonight's show.

Putting Amanda in third place, Simon joked that she had too much botox so he couldn't put her higher, and Amanda was having none of it."I haven't had botox for years!

" she exclaimed, before showing Simon her very disapproving frown and asking him to turn to the camera and do the same. And it wasn't just Amanda who Simon was taking the mick out of.

David then convinced the unknown woman to sit in Simon’s chair before attempting to give the 57-year-old a taste of his own medicine and fire him.Palma, Spain - Visited sister here, 1980 and many times after. How Added - Through his musician Harry Styles, who was added via his ex Taylor Swift.Los Angeles, California, USA - Lives here part time. Cowell dated singer Sinitta Malone from 1985 - 2002.They met when he signed her to his record label, and they both experienced the rise to celebrity together.

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