Consolidating data in excel 2016 multiple worksheets

Launch Excel 2010, and open a spreadsheet on which you want to apply data Consolidation.For instance, we have included worksheet, carrying student records, containing marks obtained by student in different exams.The first thing to work out is what type of merge you want to do.What you need from a merge can vary from situation to situation.Select all the data in the spreadsheet then click Remove Duplicates and you're done.

If duplicates can be identified as all the columns having the same values, there are several approaches you can use but if duplicates are identified based on just one or two columns (e.g.

email address or first name, last name and date of birth), a good approach is to merge the spreadsheets using VBA.

Your VBA code can merge the duplicate rows as each spreadsheet is processed.

In this situation, all the worksheets to be merged will have the same columns in the same order.

An example of this type of merge is where you have several spreadsheets, each containing a single worksheet with columns A to F populated with: Which option you choose really depends on how many spreadsheets you have to merge.

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