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We say: if the Web is good enough for humans, it’s good enough for robots. Computer programs are good at building and parsing complex data structures, but they’re not as flexible as humans when it comes to interpreting documents.

There are a number of protocols and standards, mostly built on top of HTTP, designed for building Web Services (note the capitalization).

For the first time, we set down best practices for “RESTful” web services.

Actually, to say that HTTP was designed for is to pay it a pretty big compliment.

HTTP and HTML have been called “the Whoopee Cushion and Joy Buzzer of Internet protocols, only comprehensible as elaborate practical jokes”—and that’s by someone who That’s it.

Depending on who’s measuring, the bulk of the world’s Internet traffic comes from email (thanks to spam) or Bit Torrent (thanks to copyright infringement).

If the Internet were to disappear tomorrow, email is the application people would miss the most. What makes HTTP, a protocol designed to schlep project notes around a physics lab, also suited for distributed Internet applications?

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