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Alexander was actively involved in many multi-housing projects but only two single-family houses during that period: the Hall House and the Governor's house on Guam. In 1999, Hal Meltzer bought the house initially to restore but flipped a year later. Sold in thte late 1970's to art dealer Ruth Schaffner, heir to the Hart Schaffner and Marx company, who did a number of unfortunate modifications.

They broke up in 1959 when Alexander and Neutra disagreed over large-scale jobs. Sold in 2000 to Catherine Meyler whose first problem was keeping out the crack addicts who seemed to have taken up temporary residence. Sold around 1994 to Mitch Glazer and Kelly Lynch who did a restoration.

Schindler was busy with projects like the Buck House on Catalina Island and the unbuilt Transparent House for Aline Barnsdall.

Phillip Lovell was grumpy about an earlier 1924 Schindler cabin that collapsed in the snow during its first winter.

In 1922, Neutra married Dione Niedermann, the daughter of an architect, and they moved to the US in 1923. Among many projects, Schindler and Neutra collaborated on an entry for the League of Nations Competition of 1927; in the same year they formed a design firm with planner Carol Aronovici called the Architectural Group for Industry and Commerce (AGIC).

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According to Neutra's son Raymond, it was not that simple.They made peace before Schindler died there of cancer. Originally this 1565 sf metal and plywood prefabricated building was part of the 1936 California House and Garden exhibition at the LA Building Center. She called it "unbelievably wonderful." She wrote much of Atlas Shurgged here. When she returned, the house had fallen into such disrepair she closed up the house and left town. Kaufmann was a screenwriter who invented the character Mr. The plan has since been changed to around 12,000 sf.The hostility was mostly on Schindler's side and Neutra was happy to have the reconcilliation. A few years later, it was sold to architect Maynard Lyndon. (Bill) and Shirley Brice, who moved it to this address and lived there until at least 2008. Rand rented the house in 1951 to Ruth Beebe Hill, which continued under the new 1963 owner, Kathryn Houchins, who also owned an adjacent horse farm. It was listed for sale in 1947 but did not sell until 1950, when she sold to Charlie Farrell. The Flavins tried to buy Neutra's Meltzer House and Sokol House. Sold later in 2001 to Dana Balkin and George Grandchamp., La Jolla CA. Previous owners moved it to the edge of a large lot and then built a new large house in the middle. Strong public opposition and the designation of the house as historic delayed demolition.In 1912 he undertook a study trip to Italy and the Balkans with Ernst Ludwig Freud (son of Sigmund Freud).Neutra studied at the University of Zurich and worked briefly for landscape architect Gustav Ammann.

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