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cheerssilvio my netlabel collection: Crazy Language Netlabel Hello Simon, I'm the owner of Nostress Netlabel.

I want to request for my netlabel to be added to the collection space of Netlabel Name: Nostress Netlabel Email: [email protected]: would also like to delete two uploads in my profile so I can start fresh to upload in the collection regards Paolino Canzoneri Nostress Netlabel Hello Simon! The details are:netlabel name: kulturterrorismuse-mail adress: webmaster at kulturterrorismus dot de All the best Ra F Simon I signed up my Net Label under the email theacridsound and when I goto the page to edit it there is no edit button...

Haven't heard from you but I'd imagine you are a busy guy. I keep having to delete the files and the re-upload them on the item editing tool page using the flash uploader.

Can you let me know how long it will be before we can start uploading? I would request a netlabel page I know the way because I have already upload a video months ago Orchestr ALive22042006 because I'm not sure it's possible to add presentation of the netlabel and more and more, maybe it can be done by editing and uploading a xml, but I'm a very beginner for this so I will try myself to find solution, but a little help can be useful ;) Here is my mail, [email protected] stuff I need to upload is the full series of episodes of necktar, but I would began by the last one Thanks so much for this awesome archive. Everytime I do this, the files then appear in the metadata editor, and I can proceed as normal.

Any suggestions on this and/or how to fix/avoid this in the future (ie 'things not to do until you do x or y...')? Just registered, emailed Simon with my Net Label name: Inner Sanctum Creations, uploaded my first batch of songs, and alls well so far. I've one reference registred on my mail adress but it's classified in "opensource audio" but no in "Netlabels"What i'm doing wrong? Please, can you create a collection for my netlabel? I've been contributing to for many years but it was until past year I go for a net label collection.

Any help greatly appreciated (PS Couldn't find the 'Report Error' button for the page). Simon, yes, it take s LONG TIME to upload..a meal, a toilet, and a phone call, LOL! Sorry for my bad english Hello Simon I have a netlabel called Jacobinodiscos and sign on the archive under the email: robespierre(at)and i would like to have my records under the netlabel link on archive. Pablo Hi Simon, I plan to add a item to the idealstandard collection soon, do I need to follow those instructions or can I gop the old way (sorry for bothering but I'm quite offline those last months so I haven't followed all the changes and posts round here) Thanks! name: made in fire recordings (Net Label)email: [email protected] have already uploaded 2 releases from "valafar",but they fell into the "open source audio" category. So, must of my contributions are included in several collections (community audio, community video, etc.).

I created a page and didn't do the correct labeling on it (one day I'll get it right).

I emailed about a week ago asking to have my netlabel added, and never got a response...

not quite sure if you got my email, so I'm about to send it again. Recently had a netlabel set up ( but was only able to get the item/page editor to show up once.

Don't worry if it take a couple of minutes before you can edit the page - sometimes it takes a little while for the XML dropper to kick in.4.

Just fill in all the details, and make sure that collection = your collection name. Again, don't worry if it takes 5-10 minutes for the item to go live, but when it does, everything should be good! If you want to edit the item again, you can go to the 'Item Manager' link, check the files out, and FTP up again to change things around.

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