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Skyrim online will allow you to player with your friends in both a Pv P and Pv E environment within the Skyrim universe. v=v AALSMnkt9w Just download the file, follow the installation process and just launch Skyrim ! Pop in and say hello on the forums while your there!

For people using ENB series or other addons, create a file called Skyrim Online write "enbseries.dll" without the quotes.

Farewell parties and newspaper memorials are reminiscing about the time when, thanks to the Minitel, the French public could electronically check the weather, book a holiday, monitor their bank accounts and view share prices or horoscopes more than a decade before any other country.

And yet the Minitel failed to sell abroad and existed in almost glorious isolation in France.

It is known as the "Little French Box", a 1980s design classic now seen as the ultimate in beige plastic kitsch.

But once it was an audacious precursor to the world wide web, introduced the first cybersex into people's living rooms and had a user-friendly design that may have inspired Steve Jobs's first Macintosh computer.

And save the ENB series dll in your Skyrim folder with the same name.

/count displays how many player are on your particular shard (server).---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: When I start a new character, the imperial/stormcloak don't follow me into the keep after the dragon attack!

The Minitel was dreamed up in the 1970s when France was lagging behind on telecommunications, with the nation's homes underserved by telephones – particularly in rural areas.

Amid a technological dawn in France, it was, with the TGV railway, a matter of political and national pride.

France tried to market Minitel abroad but failed to get big international takers, and it was eventually overtaken in the late 1990s by the world wide web.

Minitel's official closure comes as many people in France still use it, ranging from farmers and elderly people without computers to professionals such as florists and tobacconists who still place supplier orders through it and people who kept old Minitel sets as an insurance policy in case their computers picked up a virus. Janine Galey, 85, a mother of seven in Paris, said she used it for almost 20 years until around 2000, long after the advent of the internet.

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