Who is scott adkins dating date and dash speed dating reviews

They are often holding hands while on various awards functions around the world.The duo shares a deep bond and love and we hope they stay like this for many years to come.We all know how popular he became after his role in various Martial Artist movies.But unlike his professional life, Scott doesn't want his family to get involved with the media.Their family of three is incomplete without their little bundle of joy, Carmel Adkins.The current age of their daughter is still in the dark though.

After being robbed at age 13, his interest in martial arts grew even more.

He now belongs to the coveted list, which is full of big actors like, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

And all his achievement is due to his family's sheer support during toughest of times.

That same year, he began to practice Taekwondo, receiving his black belt at the age of 19.

Since the age of 16, Scott also started to practice Kickboxing with Anthony Jones, eventually becoming a kickboxing instructor for the Professional Karate Association (PKA).

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