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These Raw Data values are a function of the method adopted for deriving the ARR87 IFDs and therefore specific to the ARR87 IFDs.A different method was adopted to derive the 2016 IFDs, therefore equivalent values are not available for the 2016 IFDs.We can provide the design rainfall grid points for specific areas on request, and the provision of co-ordinates of the area or location of interest.Requests should be sent to [email protected] IFDs are Intensity–Frequency–Duration design rainfall intensities (mm/h) or design rainfall depths (mm) corresponding to selected standard probabilities, based on the statistical analysis of historical rainfall.The full impact of the new IFDs can only be assessed by considered all inputs into the design process (including design temporal patterns and losses).Information sheets summarising the nature and extent of the differences for each capital city are provided below.

They can also be used to assess the severity of observed rainfall events.

Generally, EY terminology is used for Very Frequent design rainfalls, AEP (%) terminology is used for Frequent and Infrequent design rainfalls, and AEP (1 in x) terminology is used for Rare design rainfalls.

Note: The Raw Data provided at the bottom of the chart of the ARR87 IFDs represent the values from the six master charts; chart of regional coefficient of skewness; and charts of short duration factors that are contained in Volume 2 of the 1987 edition of Australian Rainfall and Runoff.

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