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She looked "out of it" but still managed to bend down to kiss and hug her dad. He didn't like the people she was hanging around with.

"I'll see you soon," she said after a few minutes and then walked away. Over the next few days in hospital, Marc tried calling home where Meagan was to be staying. That was why he had tried arranging for her to visit an aunt in Calgary while he was in hospital, but Meagan refused.

One night when she didn't come home, he tracked her down. A happy child As a child Meagan was bubbly, energetic and loved being around people.

Marc says she was close to her grandmother, who took on a larger role after Meagan's mother died of an overdose when she was six years old.

The organization's executive director met Meagan when she first entered the program.

Due to the length of time she's been missing, Greater Sudbury Police have classified her disappearance as a criminal investigation.

Meagan is the tenth Sudbury resident listed on the police's historical missing person database that dates back to 1974.

She confided in Zachery that she wasn't getting along with her dad - he didn't like her boyfriend. Meanwhile, kids at his high school suspected Meagan had just run away. For him, it was the only reasonable conclusion considering Meagan's behaviour and the crowd she was hanging around. Some said Meagan was working in the sex trade in Toronto and just wanted to be left alone.

And in the weeks leading up to her disappearance, Zachery said tensions "skyrocketed" between father and daughter. Frustrated that he was no closer to learning about what happened to her, in early 2014 Marc turned to the television show Last Seen Alive that airs on the Investigation Discovery Channel. Other said they spotted her in the Tim Horton's parking lot in downtown Sudbury. But the show also exposed a criminal enterprise some are still reluctant to believe is happening in Sudbury.

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