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The style of the mark was subtly altered and a banner added above the mark saying "Celebrating 150 years".Bringing us up to date and introducing a new brown 13th trademark that will remain until at least 2017 when Belleek will hopefully celebrate its 160th birthday!Antique Lenox china is a brand of fine porcelain that has been around for over 100 years.This American-made fine china can be found in many antique malls, shops and shows and is often sought after by collectors.In the early 20th century, separate dining rooms and hostess parties became the trendy thing to do.Lenox became popular when they started producing custom designed, elaborate dining plates.It differed from the older black stamps with a banner saying "Millennium 2000" A green mark was introduced in 2001, using a darker colour of green based on Belleek’s corporate green.In 2007 Belleek celebrated its 150th anniversary and to mark that occasion a special black stamp was issued to commemorate the year.

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The fourth mark was introduced in 1946 with the only difference between it and the preceding mark was that the colour changed to green. Perhaps it was simply to have a different colour of mark.

Actually, it was more than a case of mere inspiration; William Bromley, Sr., who ran Ott and Brewer beginning in 1883, had worked at the...

Down through the years Belleek have introduced numerous variations on the original trademark introduced by the founders in the 1860s.

Shops specializing in high quality ceramic pottery carried Lenox products.

These products were displayed in the Smithsonian Institution in 1897.

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