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Montana residents also reported changing their summer plans; 90 percent told ITRR that they limited outdoor activities lik... Reports of extrication needed for one of the victims. The Circle is located in building 1145 and offers a wide range of amenities from video game systems, free Wi-Fi, a conference room, a classroom, indoor golf, and counselors at re...BREAKING: Just into the newsroom two-vehicle accident on Highway 89 by mile marker 88. We may have already had an election this year but that has not stopped one local teen from looking ahead to his own campagin for a seat in the Montana State Legislature Keaton Sunchild is a member of the Chippewa Cree Tribe in Rocky Boy.This initiative, if passed would require all government entities in Montana to designate restrooms for use by one biological sex, which means, if you are a boy a birth you must use the boys room. Thomas Reguin makes his show on Lake Helena look like it came together with ease, but with several months of work put into a just a few minutes of show, it was tough. It took about 50,000 lights, six months of song programming and about two weeks to put the decorations out. "Just the feeling of happiness that comes from everybody its definitely worth it." Tho... (AP) - A judge has sanctioned the state of Montana over a yearlong delay in complying with a court demand to turn over documents involving an expert witness in a lawsuit over lethal injections.Montana Department of Justice spokesman Eric Sell said Tuesday the agency will immediately turn over the documents under the sanctions order from Judge James Reynolds.Direct access to the mid-west from Great Falls will open up next year just in time for summer vacations. (AP) - The days leading up to Christmas will be cold and snowy in Montana.Monday the Great Falls International Airport announced daily flights to Chicago which will being this June. The National Weather Service has posted winter storm warnings and watches for much of the northern half of Montana.Pierce County sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer says none of the fatalities were motorists who were in cars and trucks when the train came off the tracks on to I-5. MISSOULA- A new partnership will offer direct flights from Missoula to Dallas and Chicago.

Authorities say multiple people were killed when an Amtrak passenger train derailed onto Interstate 5 south of Seattle.Fire crews are working to put out a fire at a home near Miles Ave. No one was in the house, but several pets were inside, and one dog died. Streets around the house are currently blocked off. A donation gets you a Map Stamp Card and a Free drink at one of the participating locations.Visit each, get a stamp on your card and be entered for prizes. An accident occurred in the northbound lane of I-15 around this morning.Classes at Columbia Falls and Whitefish Schools are CANCELED today, Wednesday, Dec. Please do NOT leave students at bus stops this morning. The Great Falls Clinic sees about 400 people a month for cancer treatment, and about half of those patients live outside of Great Falls.Travel, lodging, food and treatment the costs start to add up quickly.

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