Weed dating for singles my nod32 not updating

While only 16 percent of millennials are more likely to smoke pot than Gen X'ers, roughly one third would consider dating someone who does.Both Gen X and Boomer singles followed closely behind with 30.7 percent and 28.6 percent, respectively.“I’m very focused on moving past the stigma of cannabis and showing that it really is something that can make your life and your relationships so much better,” she said.

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And she recently began hosting marijuana-themed mixers for singles, with an event coming up at the end of January in Huntington Beach.The majority of the stoners surveyed said they see relationships as an investment in their happiness.They're less likely to date someone unemployed, lives at home with their parents, or someone that is messier than they are.Please follow the signs to park on the correct side of Stinger Street (DON’T PARK IN FRONT OF THE BLUE HOUSE), or park on Castle Drive or in the Cynthia Mann Elementary School parking lot.Of course, carpooling and bicycling are always encouraged!

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