Dating service video whose line

Season 5, Episode 3September 23, 2002Games include a round of “Props” with host Drew Carey; and “Awards,” with Brad Sherwood and Wayne Brady as presenters at a function honoring frat boys.

Season 5, Episode 2September 16, 2002Kathy Griffin and former Miss America Katie Harmon drop in for a few rounds of “Song Styles,” “Hollywood Director” and “Scenes from a Hat.” Also: “Living Scenery.” Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie and Drew Carey.

Season 5, Episode 18June 20, 2003Games include “Press Conference,” featuring Colin Mochrie as Batman; and a round of “All in One Voice,” which finds the guys channeling a piggy puppet to serenade one another.

Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles and host Drew Carey also perform.

is an improvisational comedy series whose cast members frequently use sexual innuendo, body part references, racial and gender stereotyping, and physical attributes like weight, hair loss, and stature for jokes.

Many of the games encourage physical interplay, so there are many instances of suggestive positions that get laughs as well.

It's "comedy without a net," according to executive producer Dan Patterson, as the group participates in audience-suggested skits, games, song parodies and other bits. Season 5, Episode 10December 6, 2002Games find Greg Proops looking for love in “Let's Make a Date”; Wayne Brady riffing on Tom Cruise movies in “Scene to Rap”; and host Drew Carey playing the “World's Worst” psychiatrist.

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Season 5, Episode 26July 25, 2003Games include “Let's Make a Date”; “Hoedown”; “Scenes From a Hat”; and “News Flash.” Also: a round of “Greatest Hits.” The ensemble features Wayne Brady, Colin Mochire, Ryan Stiles and host Drew Carey.

Season 5, Episode 4September 30, 2002Florence Henderson drops by for a round of “Duet” and a game in which words containing the letter L are forbidden.

Also: “Scenes from a Hat.” Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie also appear.

They engage in a series of impromptu skits and games engineered by loosey-goosey ringmaster Carey. Executive producers, Drew Carey, Ryan Stiles, Dan Patterson, Denise O'Donoghue, Jimmy Mulville; producers, Mark Leveson, Tom Park; director, Ron de Moraes Cast: Host: Drew Carey.

In one, they are instructed to impersonate various people and animals: an excitable dog, an auctioneer, a blues singer. With: Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady, Greg Proops.

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