Abby and brittany hensel dating

Although his hiatus from Hollywood proved worthwhile as Pintauro honed his talents and techniques, acting was still all he knew as he turned to theatrical acting with the hopes of starting a long-term career.

However, after making a small fortune as a television and film actor, Pintauro knew he couldn’t financially survive on a stage salary.

Fortunately, the risk was worth the reward as Hewitt became one of the show’s biggest stars and made her way to the silver screen.

Despite landing her first feature film role in the 1992 independent flick Munchie and snagging a part in the 1993 film Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, Hewitt didn’t become a major film star until 1997 when she starred in the cult classic horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer.

For him, it was a natural progression after spending most of his childhood in the spotlight.

“From the time I was 2, I was doing one thing after another,” Pintauro said.

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“What I’m having is this conflict in my life right now, that in New York, I see my directing friends and I see my acting friends and they’ve all got this level of passion about either or both of those directions that I’ve never really found myself having,” Pintauro admitted during an interview in 2000.

“I have a feeling that when I find whatever it is I’m supposed to do, I’ll have that passion.

I don’t yet, and that’s OK.” Having already made headlines in 1997 when he beat the National Enquirer to the punch and outed himself as gay, Pintauro didn’t give a second thought to what reporters had to say when he started looking for a job beyond the stage.

With the film bringing in 5 million at the box office, Hewitt starred in the 1998 sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

Making the transition from horror princess to a romantic comedy leading lady, she starred in Can’t Hardly Wait in 1998 and, two years later, was named the “most popular actress on television” after giving an impressive performance as Audrey Hepburn in The Audrey Hepburn Story.

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