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Her innocent good looks are just a cover for Last Comic Standing winner Iliza Shlesinger's acerbic, stream-of-conscious comedy that she unleashes on an unsuspecting audience in her hometown of Dallas in her stand-up special "War Paint." A young man tries to help a teenage European girl who escaped from a clinic hospital after witnessing the murder of her parents by a serial killer and they try to find the killer before the killer finds them. I came back after every commercial and that is a first for me. I was never a fan of Simon on American Idol because he was just too mean. Most of those dating reality shows suck, but I actually enjoyed this one. I think she is a cross between Letterman and Craig Ferguson only she is better looking and she bites a bit harder.The host has a way of hitting the contestants over the head with her "zingers", without really making you feel like you were punched in the stomach. The lovely thing about TV now, is that you can watch several programs within a certain time period by just scanning.I happened to scan to MTV and catch an episode recently. Whoever thought this was a great idea, must hate young adults and have had extremely troubled childhoods. We are all not perfect and love does not follow Disney story books.They're shown they are crap and just feel that they, and everyone else is (or should be) crap too.Five young adults are placed in a bus and each come out one by one to meet someone who chooses them for a date.

They went out one by one, looking like candidates applying for the "Mustang Ranch" -- deliberately trying to flop out their breasts or pull down their pants to show pelvic bone, tattoos or whatever else jumps at you --to look appealing to some stranger guy who ... (I cannot tell you how upset I am over the connotation of that!

Tobias is on a mission to date as often and as many as he can.

The thrill, the adrenaline, the anxiety has become an addiction and something he can't go without.

As sexy new daters arrive every week, vying for those coveted "keeper" spots, connections will be tested and relationships will develop.

However, in the end, only one can win each of their hearts.

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