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If you have children 18 years old or younger who live with you only part time or have children 19 years old or older living with you full time, make sure that you are not counting them when you answer the first question.

Also, please be advised that, if you answer “no” to the second question, you may still receive matches who have children 18 years old or younger who are living part time in their home or children 19 years old or older living part or full time in their home.

Also, if you feel your drinking habits fall somewhere between a “a few times a year” and “about once a week,” you can also share this with your matches. CHILDREN This section of your Personal Preference page asks three questions, and my first bit of advice is to make sure you are reading each question closely to make sure you are answering it accurately.

The first two questions are specifically asking about children 18 years old or younger, living full time with you or your match, respectively.

Here we will be taking a look at the following preferences: Smoking, Drinking, Children and Age. SMOKING This, of course, is an area that is very important to many members.

This result suggests a pathway by which long-term couples come to share political preferences, which in turn could be fueling the widening ideological gap in the United States.But just as with my smoking comments, before you limit your search to only matches who “never” drink, I ask you to consider matches who may drink “a few times a year.” There are many members who may only drink when they, for instance, take a sip of champagne at a wedding to toast the bride and groom or ring in the New Year or have a glass of wine during a special meal.While it is true that they are not non-drinkers, would you feel comfortable receiving a match whose drinking is so limited?We’ve all heard about the benefits of drinking red wine — right?If a match has a glass of red wine a few times a week with a meal, would that be okay?

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