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Dear m`n`f designers that is your masterpiece Very simple plot but at least there is one, one click straight game, simple, quite pleasant to run through once.

Graphics are decent, classic Mn F gameplay, sex scenes aren`t long but there is multiple girls to go for and you won`t be able to finish the game without doing them all (even trying to hit on the right one).

Nevertheless, it is a good game and I like the play style.

It should be a little more game like (solve puzzles or just interact more) but still a decent effort From what I can tell it`s another installment of the "Meet and Fuck" series but a bit less linear and with far more content than any of it`s predecessors.

Thats the best game i `ve ver played..i played lots of this stuff.

There are countless girls to have sex with, wondefull animations and sounds, beatiful girls and scenes...theres even a more or less interesting story.

Overall a good game Not bad compared to the other "Meet and fuck" games I`ve played.

This one seemed a bit longer and more complex (though that ain`t saying much, to be fair).

The audio is erotic, the animations simple but very pleasing, and the story`s just interactive enough to make them interesting to play. However it had the same sexual vocalization throughout the game. Did not have to click everywhere to get the girl`s sensitive spot, so that was good.Grated, it`s not brain surgery but still, a decent game with excellent graphics. Meet quality Sri Lankan women for totally and absolutely free. Take it off." "Touch your pussy." Go to Day 2 "You`re still my sex slave." "Maybe. It`s time we make and adjustment to your preferential treatment in this company." "I`ll be the judge of that.

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    The first few months were great but I soon found that I wanted something to fill my time with.