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The British prime minister had a bad election campaign, seeming arrogant, aloof and unable to connect with people - so unlike her Labour rival, Jeremy Corbyn. Mary Kenny An animal charity in Britain, Spana, has found that half of adults over the age of 50 think that life was better in the past - only 19pc like it better today.But there are pros and cons in this debate, surely…Suzanne Moore of The Guardian called him "a pimp" - as she had done during his lifetime, though under threat from his lawyers.Mary Kenny It's pleasing to see shops in Ireland still display and sell pretty picture postcards.Or maybe she just read the reports about herself: for she said to the editor of The Daily Telegraph (as he recounted subsequently), "Why can't you write nice things about me, like...Mary Kenny What would our modern visitors think if they could travel back in time and visit Dublin 60 years ago? Wodehouse, and a beguiling little cat appears in the first pages of Joyce's Ulysses.Lenin and Trotsky are charismatic figures, even if the most powerful of the troika, Stalin, is now better known as a ruthless dictator.Mary Kenny When Hugh Hefner - founder of the famed Playboy empire - died last month, some feminists finally felt legally free to describe how they saw him.

Have you ever had a career crisis where you thought "I've missed my vocation"?Mary Kenny I have before me a picture of Marlene Dietrich in her prime, sent by a friend in Berlin.It's taken soon after her 1930s debut in The Blue Angel, an erotic tale about a sedate professor who falls under the spell of a night-club singer.Christmas Mary Kenny In 2017, I learned: how to waste an enormous amount of time on Twitter.How bad-mannered and ill-tempered I can become on Twitter, in (perhaps imagined) contrast to being reasonably cordial in normal life.

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