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I very specifically remember it being pronounced “STEIN” on the show.aldooze said: Another one worth mentioning is the children s books about the ‘Berenstain Bears’ .Every single person I have talked to swears it was spelled ‘Berenstein Bears” .Mina said: I also KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that the childrens books were the “Berenstein” Bears, not the “Berenstain” Bears.I am a readaholic, and have been since I was 4 years old.Weve reviewed a ton of anime sex sites where serious collectors let you share in their anime obsession.Some sites specialize in oyagi art or omorashi fetish and some includes shotacon and lolicon - like stories.Cartoon porn excites everyone from the hardcore manga lover to the casual cartoon porn collector.Many people who visit the Mandela Effect website have fond memories of the Berenstein Bears books. Jennifer Shepherd said: I had overlooked the material here about people remembering the popular children’s books as being Berenstein Bears, not Berenstain Bears; I just saw that today and it blew my mind!

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I noticed this difference about 5 years ago and chalked it up to new editions being re-labelled.

Brian said: Other things I remember are Berenstein…However, like most of these memories, readers aren’t in lockstep, universal agreement.

In March 2014, Steph said: I very vividly remember The Berenstein Bears being called The Berenstain Bears.

The books were a big part of my childhood; my grandmother read them to me until I was much too old, and i enjoyed every second of it.

I was quite surprised when I saw the thread and the claim – it’s a hard thing to swallow.

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