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The app is designed to help Apple users track down their lost or stolen devices, from i Phones to i Pads to Mac Books.

So long as the device in question has some kind of internet connection, the app can pinpoint its location on a map, allowing the user to zoom in and out to track it closely.

After four years together she recalled how he barely spent any time at home and was often out until the early hours on a weekend.

It was when, she claims, he refused to change his behaviour following the birth of his second child, that she says she became suspicious he was cheating.

Khadijah said: 'He was always going out on Saturday nights and coming back really, really late and early in the morning.

She says: 'I had to prove to myself, to my family and to his family what he was doing.

I also had to have it confirmed for myself, for my own sanity.'It was very difficult. I used the tracker because I thought it would be the only way to be confident about what was actually going on.'I outsmarted him.

A mother has claimed she tracked down her husband and found him with a suspected new secret lover - using his 'find my i Phone' app.

Khadijah Bilal, 33, from Moseley, Birmingham said she grew suspicious after she noticed a change in her husband, 35, around a year ago.

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