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Includes ten musical settings in mensural notation. [item no.3700] Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis, IV/55.

Prefaces by Antonio Spallino and Maurizio Padoan and introduction to the texts by Oscar Tajetti.

Contains 6 cantatas (La Rosa; L’amor onesto; L’Olmo; Libertà acquistata in Amore; Il Naufragio Vicino; La Gelosia) and 6 lezioni followed by a postscript.

[item no.7] Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis, II/36.

Fruits of “seventy years spent as professional musician”. [item no.813] Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis, IV/124. Laid paper, with handsome binding in red linen with gold lettering. ) [item no.1160] Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis, IV/75.

Each text of the cantatas are beautifully printed showing their poetic structure before the music settings.

Lists 145 organs the master had built up to that time.

Contains, in the form of a dialogue, the history of the Antegnati family, requirements of the church organ, methods of voicing, registration, and descriptions of several Antegnati organs. ) [item no.810] Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis, IV/42.

[item no.3729] Monumenta Musica Bononiensis (= Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis), IV/20. [item no.190] Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis, IV/73. The collection features 7 cantatas for soprano, 6 for alto and 2 duets, with violin or bc. Degli Antoni’s Ricercate has been considered the earliest example of music for solo cello. Line-cut of the 1687 edition (violoncello o clavicembalo) and a contemporary ms copy (violin).

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