Renpy dating sim

Important Character Events, while they be seen while Exploring, can also be seen in other ways.Running around isn’t necessary if you don’t want to, though you lose out on some helpful things if you do. ” Yeah, I don’t usually care about Love Interest’s Greatest Rival “Bob” or Generic Soldier #34 with Funny Quirk myself, but I like to think my characters are interesting, so I want to show them off…😀 Essentially, there’s two types of Map systems in the game: * A side-scrolling Exploration system * A list-style Navigation system Players will be able to run around the camp, interacting with objects and people!You know all the Random Events you’d see when playing the game?

All of you have downloaded the game already, so this isn’t really a problem for existing members. I hope that with these changes, I’ll be able to stay out of Patreon’s radar for a while.Instead of popping up during the Weekly Planner, you’ll see the majority of them while exploring camp instead.If the player finds two characters speaking to each other, you’ll have to interact with them in order to see the event.The game is now running at 1280 x 720, which is a good size larger than its original 800×600.I’d love to port the game into Android sometime, so I figured I might as well do it at this resolution!

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