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I however witness and assisted in castrating a horse and a donkey. He allowed me to slice open the sacks reach in and pull out the balls. He instructed me how to cut the cords and I soon had the balls in my hand.He finished up the procedure, as I had such a rush of power as to what I had just done.By eliminating males testicles they would be removing a valuable tool of physical and mental control.

A mans balls cause this, so why not 'cut' right to the problem.

And I surely would support the law which You say about in Your first messages in this topic. Men do not disaprove of circumcision, its just carried out because it is best.

Yes, we inferiors males must be dealt with very harshly if we want humankind survive on this globe. Castration would be accepted, you would be surprised how quickly it would be accepted.

But I think that with male re education to respect the superior sex most rapes would never happen.

Could we males not have our genitalia controled in chastity devices to protect Womyn.

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