Berry dating halle man white

She shares daughter Nahla, 9, with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, and son Maceo, 3, with Martinez.

A new romantic story is to become serious in Hollywood.

“I have learned to deal with three failed marriages, which has not been easy, especially when there’s children involved,” she said.

“[As] women, we go into marriage thinking it’s going to last forever and that this is our prince on a shiny horse. and I’m kind of anti-fairy tales today.” Berry added that she “often felt guilty and responsible” for her failed relationships, but found the value in each experience.

She captioned the Tuesday, September 19, black and white snap: “My balance.” The music producer, whose real name is Alexander Grant, also posted the photo to his Twitter account, similarly writing: “My…..balance…” While it is unknown how long the two have been dating, Berry recently poked fun at her single relationship status.

I'll be damned if I end up like Halle, settling for some dude who looks like a hairy fist.

Again, I shouldnt laugh at his confusion because it is a serious matter. the issues that halle has,alot af black men can't relate to or deal with.

maybe this white guy can, maybe it will work this time and if not maybe the problem is really Halle(coocoo) Berry.

'." Halle Berry was also involved with Versace, the actress becoming the new face of the company at the end of 2005 and worked with celebrity photographer Mario Testino, who was most appreciated by the late Princess Diana. As black people, we don't own Halle Berry, and we shouldn't restrict her to who she can date. He is incapable of posting anything thing that is of serious in intellectual consideration. According to reports, they were inseparable the entire night.

As for the Catwoman star being linked with 30-year-old Versace model Gabriel Aubry, the New York Daily News also reported this is a true situation. She belongs to the white people too whether you want to admit it or [email protected] Actually she belongs to the mulattos, although her pro-black identification pays her some good dividends$$$. Just one silly insulting racist question or comment after another. But I will admit this, as immature and sophomoric as his racist posts are, I do chuckle and laugh when I read them. Halle Berry is twice divorced to David Justice (December 31, 1992 - June 24, 1997) and Eric Benet (January 24, 2001 - January 3 2005). h EY GUYS IM NEW TO THIS SITE, I think after all the problems halle has had with black men she should date a white man.

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