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Version number: Version 4.50.5 -Fix issue with ethnicity not saving correctly Version -Fix issue with some favorites not showing when user has more than 100 -Fix issue with Alerts not clearing Version -Fix for chat text input box not showing correctly on some devices -Improve memory management on low memory devices -Resolve issue where device could hang on login when also using i OS or Android Version -Update to support new SCRUFF Server changes -Updates to help improve loading performance -Updates to location tracking on Neadby grid -Improved video playback -Fix user reported typos Version -Fix user reported typo -Update text fields in profile to allow longer lengths and align with other platforms Version -Fix issue with filter by Sex Preference on Nearby Filter -Add ability to save images to device from archive albums -Improve cleaning of Notification Center when SCRUFF is loaded Version -Resolve issue with empty communities on Nearby Filter -Resolve issue with textbox being hidden by keyboard on profile editor pages Version -Resolve issues with SCRUFF running on Windows Phone 10 -Add Sex Preference and Sex Safety Practices Support -Update Communities to match other platforms This app crashes alot. Infelizmente é o único oficial nessa loja dos app's relacionados e justo por isso EU penso que vocês deveriam se interessar mais por esse destaque.I can't send messages or stay on the app for too long. The recipient would then learn the information by reading between the lines.The phrase came to mean gaining an insight in the context of reading something into another person's words or behavior—and often both.Perceive or detect a hidden meaning, as in They say that everything's fine, but reading between the lines I suspect they have some marital problems .This term comes from cryptography, where in one code reading every second line of a message gives a different meaning from that of the entire text. An early method of transmitting written coded messages was to write the secret information in invisible ink between the lines of a document.

Patients newly diagnosed with HCV were identified from departmental computer records.

Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Customize your Tumblr’s colors, fonts, layout, everything.— Follow whatever topics you’re interested in. CONNECT WITH YOUR PEOPLE— Join millions of people in millions of communities across millions of #tags. Reblog it to your Tumblr and start a conversation.— Start a private conversation with your friends in messaging. The world is a frightening place, but it's got you in it—with all your courage, and your commitment to love and justice. Alright, I have no idea what happened this time with this update but I am currently getting notified in the app through the IM system of all of the activity that happens on every blog I’m part of.

Whether it’s fandoms or philosophy, fashion or felines, Tumblr is where your interests connect you with your people. Not getting notified through my phone, just through the app and he messaging system in the actual app.

This happens even when I’m connected to reliable Wi Fi, as well as when I use my own cellular data. I would love to be able to use your app but with the latest update, I’m left irritated.

In an attempt to combat this issue, I log out and log back in and it may (rarely) load things for a little while, only to run into another major bug - My dashboard will only show me one blogger’s posts out of the many people I follow.

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