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Can I withdraw my fund from Jubilee Insurance before retirement?You may terminate the contract and withdraw the fund at any time.Fill the one page application form, attach a copy of your identification document (ID or valid passport) and pay your first contribution to set up your account.You may email us on [email protected] of the completed form and identification document. Based on your circumstances and convenience, you may pay your contributions by cheque, banker's standing order, salary-stop order, Mpesa (Business No. as your account number) or pay cash to Jubilee offices.

Security and sustainable long-term returns are key investment objectives.Special group personal insurance is essentially a personal accident cover which includes work related occupational illness.Download Form This is a kind of a combined policy for home owners.We aim to maximize returns on your contributions while providing you a guarantee on your accumulated fund. We provide an annual statement that reflects your total fund and interest earned. However, you may retire as early as age 55 or even later than age 60 depending on your circumstances. The accumulated fund is available to you at retirement to purchase an annuity.Should you wish to receive a statement at any time, kindly contact us on [email protected] 0/ 1000 and we will provide it to you within 24 hours. The fund may also be taken as a lump sum subject to Income Tax deductions and the Retirement Benefits Authority guidelines. The total fund accumulated at the date of your death will be payable to your dependents. In case of early retirement due to ill health or disablement the accumulated fund at the date of early retirement is payable.

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