Vb stored procedure not updating database

All stored procedures that could be used for insertion, deletion or creation of persistent classes can be defined in the following way: element has sub-elements to hold the configuration for the insert,update,delete (for class) or add,remove,clear (for collection) procedures.Each of the procedures can be configured to use a given name (with the name attribute), to be not created or maintained (with the create attribute) or not to be used (with the dynamic Sql attribute).

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The class or collection setting is the default value for the stored procedures under that configuration element, but can be altered on the SP level again with the create attribute.

The configuration settings above define three stored procedures for the link table used to hold the values for the ‘children’ field.

The procedures myclear, myadd and myremove are using the parameter definitions and names as derived from the link table definition, so basically only the name of the stored procedures are defined.

Stored procedure support in forward-mapping and reverse-mapping scenarios In both scenarios Telerik Open Access ORM supports the use of stored procedures not only for returning data, but also for deleting, creating and updating persistent data in the database.

Forward Mapping Scenario In order to use stored procedures, you will need to enable the feature by a backend configuration element.

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