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Both contestants took an equal number of turns; in the event the first contestant (originally the champion, later the challenger) reached 0 first, the second contestant took one final spin in an attempt to catch-up.

In the event of a tie at 0, extra rounds were played and whoever was ahead in score at the end of a complete round was the winner.

After the first spin, the winner could either keep the first set of three, or reject them all for another spin. There were no celebrities this time, with Ludden simply reading the questions himself; despite this change, the 1968 host-contestant podium remained in use.

On the second set of three the winning contestant could either keep the those prizes, or reject them all for one final spin, and whatever the champ got on the final spin was his/hers to keep. Both pilots were produced by Barry in association with CBS, with Lee Vines announcing.

), that contestant had a chance to pull off an instant win by answering one question from one category correctly.

Highlights of this version were shown during promos of the eventual series, which began production on CBS in 1972.

In this more familiar version, two contestants faced a giant slot machine and answered questions. Each contestant in turn pulled a lever in front of them which caused the category wheels to spin.

The rules were similar to the rules below with the following exceptions: In the event of a tie, the lowest scorer was eliminated and play continued until one was ahead after each round.

The bonus round was similar to that of the Ludden pilots but had more elaborate prizes.

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